• Position : Occupational Health & Hygiene Partner
  • Company : Park Health and Safety

Clare is an Occupational Health & Hygiene Partner for Park Health and Safety with 25 years’ experience in workplace health management. She previously held the position of Head of the Centre for Health at HSE’s Laboratory and spent many years working for the HSE’s Construction Sector Health Risks Management Team.

She has a wealth of experience in health and safety management tools, culture and leadership. She has pioneered conception and delivery of innovative initiatives to raise awareness and improve working practices to reduce incidence of ill health across GB industry. This has included developing leading health KPIs, health by design and health management maturity models.

Clare is actively involved in advising many industry sector working groups to embed a strategic health roadmap of improvement and sits on various committees to influence and evolve understanding and approaches to improving health through the workplace.

Clare is the founder and director of the UK Hearing Conservation Association which was launched in March 2019 with aims to prevent damage to people’s hearing health and other noise related health conditions; through a multidisciplinary approach to developing practical, evidenced and cost-effective communications and solutions. She also sits on the Board of the British Occupational Hygiene Society.