Visiting your local SHW Live

In 2022 we are reinventing regional trade shows to reconnect you with market leading safety providers and to deliver inspiring educational programs at the highest quality and most accessible venues on your doorstep in the North and South of England.

All the networking, CPD and procurement solutions you need, delivered free of charge in a relaxed, enjoyable and covid-secure environment. If your employer is restricting your CPD opportunities, travel and training budgets then SHW Live is the answer.

SHW Live uniquely commits to delivering the answers you need whether your priority is workplace safety, occupational health or mental health and wellbeing, or indeed all three. We know that the expectations of the safety team have never been higher. We understand the increasing pressure, not just to keep your teams safe, but to help them thrive in a post-pandemic and stressful world of work.

Attending SHW Live in person and consuming our online resources in the meantime will not just inspire and empower you and but will bring you closer to everything you need to improve safety, health and wellbeing standards in your workplace.